​⚡️ Empowering Women & Girls to become Confident Creators, Innovators, and Leaders in Technology.


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We Are FLY!

FlyTechnista is an online community that seeks to bridge the gap between Women & Girls and access to Education, Career & Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Technology. Connect to curated resources in Development, Design, Digital, and Data–from our 800+ partners in the global tech ecosystem.

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Who Do We Help?

We seek to help women & girls with existing or non-existing technical skills, from grades 1–12 and higher education, through industry and entrepreneurial careers.

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What We Do?

We help women & girls access curated resources such as; groups & WiT organizations, classes & scholarships, internships & jobs, and leadership & entrepreneurship tools.

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Why We Do It?

We exist to equip and empower women & girls to become confident creators, innovators, and leaders in technology; to end gender and diversity parities.

Launching Spring 2017!

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Why FlyTechnista?

Our online community, allows you to access over 800+ curated resources to...

  • Further your education and develop 21st century skills.
  • Discover career opportunities, navigate your career path, or transition into careers in tech.
  • Access tools & resources to lead or launch a venture.
  • Connect and collaborate with peers & allies.
  • Access to speaking and networking opportunities.
  • Find volunteer and mentor opportunities.
  • Access to exclusive discounts from our partners.

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